Friday, February 20, 2015

bella luna

i am trying to rid myself of my habits.  little ones.  like the routes i take to and from work.  i love urban settings, streets, buildings, people.  i work downtown.  i live in east sac.  my neighborhood is not downtown but still fairly urban.  at least for sacramento.  i've been an avid walker for nearly 16 years.  i have walked the same paths so often i have left furrows in the sidewalks.

just a small change in your paths is refreshing.  the city looks different on other corners other streets.  there is a boom in building downtown on account of the construction of a new arena for the basketball team the kings.  i'm no sports fan.  i think i've gone to two kings games.  one at their very first arena.  the second game at their second and now -- according to the team and the NBA -- way out of date arena.  oh, i've seen several concerts at both arenas.  that's important.  like depeche mode in the late '90s and ozzy osbourne in the late '80s.  i thought i'd see ozzy before he killed himself with his reckless lifestyle.  bassist geezer butler and drummer bill ward, of black sabbath, was part of ozzy's band.  it was great. 

well then tonight i left the office.  it was late.  the city was painting her face for the night.  i stepped past my usual route and stopped at a traffic light to cross the street on a street with many constructions vehicles use.  i see the buildings from a new angle.  i noticed a daycare facility.  i knew that facility was there but now i see it.  look into its windows.  it looks like the office of a mid-level manager.  very tight corners and surrounded by concrete and steel.  i love cities and the buildings, homes, shops and offices of our daily lives in the grids of urban construction.  cities are alive.  the coolest apartment building in the core of downtown is called the el cortez.  the apartment building is nestled in a tributary of k st.  directly across the street is the state capital.  el cortez looks like an old NYC tenement.  it is surrounded by urbanity.  i love it.

my journey home takes me thru streets that i know but rarely walk.  people, groups, couples and singles, throng the night as the night shows off her beauty with early spring weather.  i look to the sky.  the western sky and see the moon.  a thumbnail sliver of moon and right below the moon on its left is venus.  i am agog with their beauty.  my view is framed by two skyscrapers.  i trip over my feet.  i am walking east.  my head is tilted up toward the west.  i don't see where i am going.  such is the mystery of life.  i hardly ever see where i am going.  i think this would be a poem.  no.  it shall be a bit of prose.  no.  it shall be a few sentences of one man's life.


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