Saturday, March 14, 2015

good for me ft. zoe johnston by above & beyond
i think i heard this version when i was driving on a saturday night.  i think i was near old sac.  i can't remember what i was doing or where i was going.  home, most likely.  i used to listen to above & beyond's radio show on satellite radio.  on that saturday night they closed their set with this piece.  i was - as the brits like to say - gobsmacked.  very beautiful song.  i believe i've posted before a faster version of this song remixed by thomas datt.  but this version, the original version, is quite lovely.  what i like is how the song pulls in the listener thru its beat.  in this video we see the audiences at various above & beyond concerts.  i think if there is another movement for worldwide peace this song might become an anthem.  call me old fashioned hippie.  call me deluded and hopeful.  but when i hear gorgeous tunes and see thousands of people dance together methinks we can, should we choose it, sue for peace and stand for love. 


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