Thursday, April 30, 2015

started the day reading excerpts from the dairy of jimmy schuyler.  sometimes i need a reminder thru poetry i must slow down and touch the earth.  hot today.  like summer.  i dress for work like every other 21st century male office worker.  khakis, tucked in oxford shirt, brown shoes.  except when i walk to and from work i wear my chuck t's with my khakis and tucked in oxford shirt.  everyone has their uniform.  but tucked in shirts are not propitious to hot weather and by the time i got home i was soaked in sweat. 

reading blogs, poems, a few pages in a couple of books.  on TV right now is the last of the mohicans [1992] directed by michael mann and starring daniel day-lewis.  a magnificent movie.  large and beautiful.  the window is open to the warm night.  the cats are stretched out in cat repose.    


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