Thursday, June 18, 2015

okay; the world is in some serious shit.  will we as a species survive another 100 or 200 years.  fuck me.  doesn't look good.  still, we are alive.  right now.  we can do things, write things, love everything.  we can practice, i shit you not, lovingkindness.  we are created, but we participate in creation.  if we want change we can, with great effort, lots of will, and with tons of luck, change.

and we have poetry.  the u.s. is normalizing relations with cuba.  the door is opening.  above is one of my favorite poets, omar perez, reading from his home base in havana.  PBS NEWS HOUR shot this film.  things are changing.  for the better?  we shall see.  poetry is in my dna.  poetry makes me feel alive.  no, yes, it keeps me alive.  this vid of perez, a macaronic poet of porous borders, makes me want to hug the world.

now, it is summer time.  movie time.  the wasp woman [1959], directed and written by roger corman, just started on TMC.  i have two different versions on DVD.  but what the hell.  i'll watch it on TV.  we are living in a digital world.  a really bad movie makes me want to hug the world too.


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