Monday, January 11, 2016

david bowie [1947 - 2016]

i woke up on the couch last night around midnight with the TV tuned to CNN.  breaking news: david bowie has passed away at the age of 69 a few days of releasing his 25th studio album blackstar.  there have been a few deaths last month, lemmy from motorhead, john bradbury drummer for the specials, that surprised me.  the specials are an especial band to me and anna.  lemmy simply was freaking ageless and above all else, cool.  however, bowie's death shocks.

david bowie was a protean singer, songwriter and performer who developed an art out self-invention.  he used the cut-up method developed by william s. burroughs when composing lyrics.  bowie was the proof that growing older as a human being could as well grow deeper in to his, or her, art.  i loved his music.  millions did.

i watched CNN for a few minutes before turning the TV off and heading to bed.  the tributes were beginning to pour in from his fellow comrades and from friends around the world.  i paid tribute in my own small way by remembering the songs and albums by david bowie that have rocked my world.  the man is sui generis.

i write this tribute on a sunny monday late afternoon.  the sun is lowering toward the western horizon.  the temperature is warmish, like an early spring day.  i find myself singing the following tune as i move from room to room.  anna and nick will be home soon.  i have to go shopping for groceries.  the cats are pools of slumber in their 26th nap of the day.  i have a long overdue writing project to finish.


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