Friday, February 19, 2016

i just caught the tail end of a program broadcast on the national geographic channel about gen x

i am a gen xer so i saw the tv talk about the mis-perception of young people in the '90s

we were called 'twenty-nothings' and 'slackers'

nirvana spoke to generation x according the documentary

& how we are so anti-corporate that we are difficult to market to

i would like to see a program about gen xers in middle age

how slack did we become how marketable did we get

generations matter to the people for we all like to fit in with our group

i like being a gen xer

but then people are human no matter what age they are born

i suppose i would like being a baby boomer had i been born a decade earlier or a millennial had i been born a couple decades later

i wasn't given the choice of which decade or century to be born in

each group of young people discover for the first time everything like sex love responsibilities drugs friendships jobs etc etc

music speaks to our generation your generation too & i have listened enjoyed even loved the music of your generation

& & & i have read generations upon generations of poetry like rimbaud catullus horace ikkyu issa loy cavafy stein

i am these generations

& i am a man of this time who is confused & delighted by life


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