Sunday, April 03, 2016

april is the cruelest month, so sez t.[erribly s.[exy] eliot.  i don't agree but then again i do dare to eat a peach.  and apples.  and pears.  and bananas.  oh yes, me loves some bananas.  i worry that climate change will kill off my beloved breakfast fruit very soon but until they are rendered extinct i have a clutch of bananas every morning because they are, in a word, delicious.  april is also national poetry month.  yep, again.  every year we remind ourselves of the necessity of poetry.  in april, of course, because eliot reminds us to do so.  poets don't need to be reminded for, we hope, to live in poetry everyday until we can't.  i just watched the movie the big short [2015] which is about the lead-up to the economic meltdown of 2008.  the flick begins with the an epigraph

       Overheard at a Washington, D.C. bar: "Truth is like poetry. And most people fucking hate poetry." 

it's a pretty good movie but the epigraph sounds like it was made up to have something profound and vulgar at the start of a film about exotic financial products that knock the shit out of the world economy.   besides, give me a fucking break.  do you drink beer?  coffee?  do you remember your first sip of either?  if you say that you found coffee and beer delicious on that first try i call bullshit.  you develop a taste for them and then you become a connoisseurtry a little poetry.  you may not like it at first but keep tasting and you will find poetry can help build you a life.

but it ain't my job to preach the word.  much.  in the meantime do check out the annual tattooed poets feature at the estimable blog tattoosday

and keep rocking the freakin' free world brothers and sisters.


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