Sunday, May 01, 2016

we've had some beautiful but weird weather some storm cells dropping rain fairly humid hi 80s F in norcal that is indeed weird lots of wind and when it isn't humid like earlier today and yesterday dry hot with hi winds van gogh called it in the south of france 'the devil mistral' a dry hot strong gale that can drive you to madness or worse instead this morning anna and i cleaned up the garden and mowed the lawn then i went shopping for some work shoes nearby the discount shoe shop is a barnes & noble you know how much of a nut i can be for bookstores so i drop by and peruse the stacks i find a favorite mag for anna and a mag about classic cars for nick the boy is into i mean hardcore into classic cars while i am looking at the periodicals i read a poem by brit poet jamie mckendrick in the london review of books it's a good poem where the poet compares his loss of hearing to milton's loss of vision and i read it twice once for the music and once for the meaning i don't get all of the poem but i like it and i think that mckendrick's poem is an antidote to 'the devil mistral' then subsequent humidity of a weird weather kind of day


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