Thursday, May 12, 2016

i watched, again, last month blade runner [1982].  it is one of my very favorite movies.  now i learn a sequel is set for release in october, 2017 directed by denis villeneuve.  perhaps the sequel will answer once and for all whether rick deckard, the blade runner played by harrison ford, is a replicant.  oh shit.  i'm on the side of deckard being a human.  there ain't a lot of evidence to indicate the blade runner is a replicant.  however, ridley scott has long claimed deckard is a replicant.  but harrison ford says he's a human.  does it matter?  not really.  the movie is just as nuanced, layered and complex if deckard is a human or a replicant because the movie is about the meaning of life.  all life.  that great speech given by roy batty, played by rutger hauer, at the end of the flick is about the love of life, the fullness of living.  then again, should deckard be revealed as a replicant shouldn't that complicate things quite beautifully.  for we are entering an age of epigenetics and gene editing devices like CRISPR.  soon the definition of human might become more complicated.  and yet life will be life.  roy batty demonstrated that fact over 30 years ago in one of the most beautiful, haunting films ever produced.   


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