Sunday, September 04, 2016

i'm in a state of relative drift for today i did little but catch up on a couple of TV shows then watched the BBC News then read for a bit and now i am aimlessly surfing the 'net while the TV is on as background noise tuned to 120 MINUTES on the newly started MTV CLASSIC channel

if time is indeed a dimension the way we measure it is a construct of our making for example 20+ years have occurred between the videos i'm watching on TV but my memories and experiences of the music is contemporaneous to right now in other words time is slippery and relative as hell as it relates to our personal subjectivity what happened to me say 20 years ago is sometimes more relevant to current events

what we decide to call the years e.g. 2016 is made up wholly by us humans this could be year one if we choose to call it that so i'm taking the tack suggested by stefan hyner to pay attention to the seasons rather than the labels we call the centuries decades and years i don't suggest ignoring these important measurements i am saying that the 1990s are as relevant in my life as this second decade of the 21st century but neither is more important than the other

except that we live in the ever present which is why seasons are vital because we record the change of seasons more avidly than we do our birthdays right now we are moving toward autumn which is my very favorite season you've heard my litanies of fall i'll be repeating them shortly but in the interim let me suggest that our measures of time are subjective and what matters is right now which extends into the future as tomorrow and is remembered as yesterday but when i wake up tomorrow it shall stay the right now and when i remember the past it is again the right now especially when i gaze out the window on a very lazy day of doing very little and see the light has changed to a softer golden haze and the ambient temperature has cooled to a degree that suggests you are loved


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