Thursday, February 09, 2017

it's been a week of distractions, stress, and obligations. . .you know, the usual array of details that make up a life in early 21st century u.s.

i didn't watch the superbowl last weekend but i did see part of lady gaga's halftime show i thought was way too overproduced for my taste

i understood that the worry was lady gaga would be political in her performance

i mean the times call for it right

but no there was just a lot of fireworks and dancers and gaga herself leaping about the stadium

and i thought would it were be cool if black flag or the dead kennedys performed the superbowl halftime show

you want political?  you couldn't get more of a political statement than seeing jello biafra intone the great verses of say 'california uber alles' before a weary and wasted world audience

oh and don't forget the stage divers leaping into the frightened moribund living rooms of the united states

think of that

then we might get somewhere . . .


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