Thursday, June 15, 2017

s l o w d i v e

okay, without being oblique about it i turned 50 last friday.  that's right.  fucking 50!  that's like old, right?  well, that depends on where you sit on the age spectrum.  for me, i feel like i'm 25, but for the aches and pains, energy level, and the grey hair.  other than that i'm a whipper snapper!

only in my mind, okay, but that counts too.  one of the bands of my holy trinity, slowdive, released their fourth album in 22 years.  the band reformed about three years ago and i was fortunate to see them live at the warfield in s.f. with my good friend b., who told me he didn't expect slowdive to be so freakin' loud.

that they are, and they are returning to the bay area, oakland at the fox theater, in october.  i've saved the date.  i want to take nick.  he's 12 but he's got good taste in music and i hope slowdive can blow his mind as the band has done to mine.

but furthermore, it is quite lovely to see/hear a band of mid to late 40-somethings reform and create gorgeous music.  age is but a number, but it is a state of mind, and age can work for you too.  as the punk band nomeansno sez, 'old is the new young'.

below is a chamber piece of the newest single by slowdive, 'sugar for the pill'.

viva la rock&roll!

crap!  i can't seem to embed this video so please click here for the song.


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