Thursday, July 13, 2017

after a few days of mere 90 + F days the heat has returned

i've got in the habit of altering my routes walking home from work

i figure to change my life i have to change my habits

& create new neural networks & when i say change my life

i mean create the space in which change is possible

my new routes open my eyes i see my environment in a fresh way

my thoughts turn to writing & i hope that these disruptions

also disrupt my writing both negative & positive

for i am limited & can engage the world thru the limits of my mind

so i hope to chip away the edges of my habits

by subtle means & who knows if it works

but i'm telling you my default setting is joy awe & amazement

& changing my walking habits makes me see my beloved city

with newer eyes which teaches this old dog a few new tricks

that life is astonishing & our world is simultaneously ugly & beautful

which makes me wonder about the TV show on right now

about nostradamus & his predictions about how the world will end

well goddammit the world is always ending

nostradamus predictions of war is no prediction

if you want to impress me show me the quatrains

where the medieval frenchman predicts gay marriage

or civil rights for minority [an odious word for we are all on the same plain called human] u.s.americans

or the fall of neoliberal capitalism

where are those predictions?  predicting death famine disease & war is easy

making predictions about the worth of all human beings & living things & the care & nurture of the only home we will ever know earth

uh oh these might cause the revolution

but until i read/hear those predictions nostradamus & his so-called scholars can shut the fuck up


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