Monday, October 30, 2017

everyday is halloween

i have not posted much but this scary season was filled with halloween style activities.  we visited our favorite pumpkin patch, cool patch pumpkins with the world's largest corn maze.  nick took the map and guided us thru the maze with a sure confidence that belies his age.

we took the candlelight tour at winchester mystery house in san jose.  anna and i took this tour about, oh ten years ago, when it was the flashlight tour where you were issued your own flashlight and the lights were turned down and you learned the history of the house.  we thought the tour would be the same this year.  nope.  a candlelight tour means that your docent is dressed in victorian garb, tells you ghost stories as she leads you room by room where in those rooms are scare actors there to say boo to you.

finally, we visited pumpkin nights in auburn.  i thought this display would be little more than racks of jack o'lanterns placed on walkways.  rather, it was a bit more than that.  i had a blast wandering the dioramas with nick, anna, and our good friends, b., c. and their son j.

lo!  i did not get to a haunted house this year.  i think i am the only idiot in my family who loves halloween haunts.  what can i say.  i love those things that howl in the night.

below are a few pics from our halloween adventures.

the maze

this year's haul

the cemetary

the door to nowhere

the endless house

sarah winchester is watching you

pumpkin nights

happy halloween



At 1:54 AM, Blogger Richard said...

Halloween has come to NZ now, it wasn't something in the 50s, 60s as I grew up but it happens. My son and I, or I were both a bit disappointed that no kids came to my house. I felt more 'left out' than Guy Fawkes night which used to be really exciting for me as a child.

But I have read about that house. The movie looks good. You seem to have a lot of interesting adventures, visits to places and so on in your life!

Re ghosts and things Jack Ross, also a writer poet etc I think actually believes in them. I read 'The Green Man' by Kingsley Amis which is quite good. And I remember the Damien movies etc, and occasionally dabble with a Roald Dahl or Hawthorne or Poet story. That movie also reminded me of 'The Shining' which I and my son liked a lot.


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