Friday, February 16, 2018

zig zag man

i've lived in this city
all my life
50 years
and there are lots
of nooks and back streets
to be explored
i walk to and from work
i've been walking to and from
work for many many years
lately i am altering my route home
to break the monotony
to surprise myself
to discover those nooks
and back streets
my route is a straight line home
west to east
it takes about 45 minutes to complete
now i zig west to north to east
or zag west to south to east
or west to north then south
to east
following no set pattern
but the folly of my own feet
i get surprised too
e.g. i walked east on e st and 16th st
waiting for the light to change i looked
to my right
and saw h. salt esq. a  fish&chips shop
that went under so many years ago
and yet this h. salt esq. fish&chips shop
is lighted and open
where do they get their food and supplies
who owns and operates the shop
i had to turn south to walk
past the shop
it was filled with customers
again i walked past it tonight
going north on 16th st
there were no customers
i am anonymous
i see it all


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