Friday, May 11, 2018

rafael cadenas

early afternoon i open twitter on my phone and see that the venezuelan poet rafael cadenas is trending.  i thought, oh shit.  the man is in his 80s.  death happens to all.  so i click on his name expecting to read obituaries.  rather, i find that the great poet [i don't use the word 'great' advisedly.  i've written about him before and tho i think distinctions like major and minor are bullshit, prizes are bullshit too, but still every once in a while an artist can be called great or major that describes the artist perfectly] was awarded the prestigious premio reina sofia award for being one of the finest latin american and spanish poets living, writing and reading today.  whew!  cadenas is alive and well and recognized for his art.  and good for cadenas for tho i just wrote that prizes are bullshit i rejoice that the poet is recognized for being what i've been saying all along, a major, important poet of our humanity.  bravo! 


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