Saturday, September 08, 2018

everyday is halloween

summer is unofficially over & you know what that means.  the most wonderful time of the year is just starting.  i love me some autumn & i really really really love the scary season of halloween.  already, even tho the weather is still pretty damn warm, the light is changing to a softer smokey golden hue.  it gets dark earlier.  & halloween decor & merchandise are appearing in the shops & stores.  yeah, the world is fucked up but we can't do our best to enjoy the fuck out of life?

so join me on this march toward the high holiday of halloween.  i will, according to my usual practice, post the occasional halloween related knick knack/halloween related video/movie review until we reach the night when the fabric between the living & the dead is wafer thin, when we must dress in costumes to hide ourselves from the risen specters, & we gorge the shit out of ourselves from an abundance of candy.  i love halloween!

i'll begin with this video of one of my favorite vloggers, justin scarred of randomland.  scarred is a punk rocker from OC who grew up next door to disneyland.  he has an encyclopedic knowledge of the magic kingdom & is possessed of a goofy, fun, charismatic personality that draws me in to his subjects.  today, scarred is touring halloweentime at disneyland & disney california adventure.  anna, nick & i spent a few days at halloweentime in 2013.  we had a blast.  according to this video disney has even upped their game & the lands look even more fantastic.

sometimes, joel, you have to say what the fuck & let go of our collective neuroses, fears & anxieties & give in to the moment where we can do our best to enjoy the fuck out of life.



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