Thursday, January 17, 2019

lorna doom

as one ages our heroes get older too, and eventually, as the bard said, do shuffle off this mortal coil.  today i learned the bassist for the great l.a. punk band, the germs, has died.  she was a wonderful player with deep bass lines that built a foundation to stabilize the frenzy and chaos of singer darby crash.  live the germs were enervating, anxiety producing, frustrating, and yet brilliant.  their sound was another thing too.  the germs were instrumental in developing hard core punk.  their only LP, (GI), is a masterpiece.  what the band couldn't achieve onstage in regards to music they succeeded in the studio.  and it was lorna's bass that anchored it all to the floor.  and dare i admit i had a crush on lorna.  i was a lovelorn teenage punk who obsessively listened to (GI) over and again while looking at lorna doom's picture on the back cover.  she was rad punk with bleached hair and pretty eyes.  i was begotten.  we don't know her age.  i've read today her age ranged from 50 to 70.  tho she could not be the former for she would've been a child in 1976 when the germs were founded.  who cares.  the germs are, at least to this aging punk, ageless and eternal.  r.i.p. ms doom.  you were the grace in punk rock. 


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