Wednesday, January 02, 2008

okay this is a trip. i was watching the end of a slasher flick on ifc when nicholas comes out of the bedroom asking for some milk. nicholas like warm milk. i go into the kitchen to heat the milk. not much is happening onscreen but nicholas is watching the tv. slasher movies from the early 1980s are pretty bland affairs with lots of dead, boring, space between slashes.

however, i was in the kitchen worried that he's gonna see something that'll give him nightmares. so just when i hear the music cue up to telegraph the next bit of grue i run out to turn the tv off and see the tv is already off. i've kept my eye on nicholas the whole time i was in the kitchen and didn't see him leave his seat nor did he have the remote which was propped on the coffee table a few feet away. i ask nicholas if he turned off the tv. he says, no the tv did it.

perhaps the tv, or a helpful spirit, had more sense than the dumb-ass father who left the dumb-ass movie on to heat up a little milk while his son watches the said dumb-ass movie and turned it off before there was a scene to freak the boy out. i don't know, but it was strange just the same.


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