Sunday, May 16, 2021

i've become a little obsessed with cop/p.i. shows.  we seem to be living in a golden age of flawed brilliant malcontents who play by their own rules to get to the truth.  i know many poet friends are long deep readers of detective/crime fiction.  the tv shows, like the one i'm currently watching, bosch [2014 - ], are very well-written, complexly created fictions of our underworlds.  the p.i./detectives in these series are usually brilliant, yet flawed, characters.  i do think the attractive portions of these fictive personalities, their dogmatic drive to uncover truths, waylaid by the circumstances of their employers, their societies, their own visionary quests, are similar to poets.  perhaps that is their attractiveness to writers, & creatives [doesn't have necessarily need to be only to writers].  the fascinations with crime, the desires & demands of justice too.  plus their language, albeit on the visual spectrum, such as lighting, editing, blocking & acting of their scenarios, but by their language too.  i recall dashiell hammett's antihero p.i. sam spade who said, in the novel the maltese falcon [1930], 'the gaudier the patter, the cheaper the hood.'  & i wonder if crime writers ever modelled their antiheroes after poets.  i can think that the visionary intelligence & personality of arthur rimbaud could make for a very interesting p.i./cop.  could be too that poets [& other creatives] come to love & admire the p.i.s & cops of crime fiction is that they are, to use a phrase by the late poet richard hugo, the wrong people in the right world.  the world is thus & can't ever be otherwise but the need for clarity & visionary justice creates forth obstacles for our antiheroes who sometimes win the battles but not the war.


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