Monday, October 02, 2023

everyday is halloween

this tune by the very great band XTC 'the ballad of peter pumpkinhead' may not seem like a halloween song but for the pumpkinhead portion of its title character.  however, very early in my relationship with my wife, & partner for life, anna, we had the CD Nonsuch [1992] & played it constantly the autumn of that same year of its release.  anna & i met, & bonded for life, in October 1992.  for us, this is an autumnal record.  this song is very much about politics, & thus quite relevant to our present-day political strivings, & yet, according to Wikipedia, andy partridge wrote this tune after seeing the jack o'lantern he carved for Halloween rot in his back garden after the high holiday.  partridge is, i think, one of the great genius songwriters of our age.  no exaggeration.  the man is brilliant & this melody is a high-class earworm of the first intensity.  every time i want to feel the dark, smudgy warmth of fall, & remember those brilliant early days of my love for anna, i play the album Nonsuch by XTC to which this tune is the first to play.  & it is an excellent way to celebrate the Spooky Season. 


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