Sunday, May 16, 2004

each new discovery of a poet is a cause for celebration. for me reading gets the blood pumping, I mean there is a physical reaction at work when I read the good stuff.

and there is much to be found everywhere, especially aetherized on the Internet. I've come to computers in a very uneven way. I recall doing my schoolwork at the computer lab on campus and printing out my papers, and poems, on an old dot matrix printer. I recall seeing the Internet for the first time in 1991 when a roommate subscribed to Prodigy. it was all black and white text, if I recall correctly.

but now there is a community created by writers via the net that transcends time zones via blogs and online journals. it is a great good that I can read writers from China, the Philippines, Canada, Morroco, Australia etc. etc. via my computer.

all this is terribly obvious, I know. I've made some brilliant discoveries, for I am first a reader, then I am a writer. I am firmly convinced a writer is first a reader and falls in love all the time when he/she finds the good stuff, however you wish to define it.

and so I love correspondence. should you be so inclined please email me, I want to hear from you. everyone gets spam that advertises things such as the best way to meet singles, or how to increase penis length, or how to score Viagra etc. etc. so identify your greeting with the name of the blog, or use the words, poet or poetry. I have not got any spam with poet or poetry as the tag line.

shine on you crazy diamonds.


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