Monday, May 31, 2004

one of David Nemeth's poetry teachers was Bill Knott. would love to read what David has to say about this poet.

I've been reading Knott for years with a mixture of envy and mystification. he is master of form, and feels himself so out of the mainstream he frequently self-publishes his work. for more info check out Richard Hell's essay. and yet, I've recently read somewhere Knott's next book is due out from FSG next year.

I do not agree with Silliman that FSG published Jeff Clark's newest book because FSG wouldn't know experimental writing should it bite them on their asses. FSG is free to publish whomever they wish. I've not read Clark's latest book, though I think Clark is an interesting writer based on my reading of his first book.

but I wonder what's next from FSG, should they go ahead and publish Knott, who is next? Knott proudly wears the cloak of an underground misfit, but he has been well-published these past thirty-odd years, the most recent is Laugh at the End of the World (Collected Comic Poems 1969-1999) BOA Editions, 2000. the book is a brilliant collection of caustic poems from a writer who does not neatly fit into any categories.


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