Wednesday, June 02, 2004

sometimes it takes a while for certain things to grow on you. for example, I've been listening to the early 90s shoegazer band Slowdive for over a year now and come to have a high regard for the ambient soundscapes of their first album just for a day.

I'm listening to it as I type. I am always, it seems behind the times, for when they were around I didn't pay much attention to them. the same goes for the Cocteau Twins (by the way, was it a CT song that was looped on the Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake website?). been listening to Anna's old tapes of the Cocteau Twins and have a fondness for their warped ethereal beauty.

perhaps it's just age, I'll be 37 next week. never thought getting so fucking old would feel so young. really, 10 years ago I'd have thought a man in his late 30s was one old fucker. still feel like I'm 25. and so it goes for music re: still love it. I grew up, like most post-war persons, on the pop culture of my generation. though I don't really think there ain't much generational differences at all. when I was 18 me and my friends would smoke a bowl then drive around listening to Jimi Hendrix. by the time we got to Hendrix he was dead for almost 20 years, but that didn't stop us from loving him.

poetry embraces all of it: life, music, pop culture, painting, cinema, and on and on. I love it so. and so for the ambient strains of Slowdive: may you rock.


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