Wednesday, July 07, 2004

this evening after work stopped by my favorite newsstand, Newsbeat, where the proprietor carries an enormous variety of lit. journals. often I feel a bit guilty for not subscribing to excellent, exciting publications like Crowd and The Canary and supporting them by having me on their subscriber list, but I also want Newsbeat to continue carrying these journals. so I buy them there at the store where Doug give me what he calls, "the 10% discount for poets." though I never told him I'm a writer I guess he figured it out because I buy a lot of the stuff.

and but so today I picked up the new, new to me at least, Call ed. by John Most containing work by Ron Silliman, Christian Bok, Allen Fisher, Jordan Davis and much more. overall a handsome thing with very good writers. but the real find was the joint issue of Verse and the online journal Jacket. both are favorites, and I've read the online version many times, but it is a great to feel the weight of the magazine in the hand, with its portability and smell of paper. yeah, it is fetishizing but what the hell. also, I noticed Michael Heller reviews books by late U.K. poet Richard Caddel that appears to be absent in the online version. okay, I won't give up either print, or online publications, but I do wish I had bought the journal New American Writing when it did an earlier cross-fertilizing with Jacket.


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