Wednesday, August 25, 2004

I got the ol' end-of-summer blues. have the week off from work and doing a lot of nothing. however, today I actually got out of bed and did a little something close to nothing. so the day ain't a total loss, I guess. one must train the self in the arts of BEING, ya know. takes much practice to become an adept. ain't there yet of course, but it is an effort to just type this post.

and doing a bit of rereading: Steve Tills' collection Behave, Rant 66, is a source of great pleasure. the book has been by my side for a couple of days. Tills has also been posting some serious, brilliant stuff at Black Spring as well, such as his thoughts on O'Hara. wonder how he digs Schuyler as well.

autumn is around the corner, my favorite time of year. though it is gonna heat up for this weekend. oh well, summer is the best nine months out of the year.

tonight gonna see one of my favorite bands Social Distortion. but before that I gotta get back and practice the arts of negative being.


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