Monday, November 29, 2004

so Anna picks me up from work tonight cuz we need to get a rear brake light for our Honda Accord and thought that we'd stop at a nearby auto parts store for this one measly bulb. but wouldn't you know it, Hondas are popular cars. I mean, for example, our car is green, so are a lot of cars. I deposited a couple of checks into the ATM at our bank while Anna waits in the car. I'm reading the printed receipts of my transactions and walk back to my car. I try opening the door when I hear this honk! I look up and Anna is in the next car parked in front of our car. huh? then I realize I tried to get into somebody's other green Honda Accord.

but if that weren't enough, no store had the bulb we need in stock. one little measly bulb. we drove around to four different stores and all were outta stock. now, this has stopped being funny, but I hold it all in cuz Anna is laughing about it. so I stare out the window as we drive thru parts of town I've not seen in ages. and you know, the city looks fine. even pretty at moments. it is early evening and dark. the air is freaking cold, but clear and clean, the lights and neon refracted thru early winter air always dazzles me.

but then the evening got better cuz when I came home a package was waiting for me from the brilliant Michigan poet Robert VanderMolen. Breath, from New Issues, is his most recent book. the package is a cd of a reading he did in Oct. at his old university. it should be archived soon here, along with an interview too. I was, as they say, utterly transported listening to it.

and as for the brake light bulb, well, I was told to try again Wednesday. okay, mister, that is if I ain't in a delivery room with Anna and kleig lights and a red carpet greeting for my little hombre soon to be born.