Wednesday, February 09, 2005

working on the thought that perhaps poems can be criticism as well. of course they can, surely, but I've in mind certain kinds of criticisms, such as film criticism. is that too far out for poetry? I should think not but at the moment I am working on a series of poems based on old stag films, or my idea of old stag films, the kind that used to be bought from an ad in the back of "adult" magazines. 8MM reels strung on little projectors and screened using a wall or the back of a door. and the poems are developing into investigations of desire, rather than the films. tho I'm still at work on them and largely dissatisfied with my texts. but the idea of a series of poems that function as film criticism is pretty attractive to me right now. for now the poems have taken off in their own directions. I can hear the poems laughing right now: you don't know us, man. keep doing, and maybe you might get one right.


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