Monday, November 07, 2005

being a new father means that i've found myself changing in some fashions. for example, i like hearing stories about other parents and their children. i delight in it even. more so, when fellow poets post photos of their children on their blogs, i love it. perhaps it has something to do with knowing i'm not alone in my pursuits of reading, writing and parenthood. all are hard, but the rewards are infinite. there is magic there, the wonder and thrill of watching yr child grow and learn. entwined with that is the exhilaration of seeing the love others have for their kids. when one has a child there develops a new pressure, the desire to take thousands of pics and show the world. i certainly want to see.

all of it brand new to me. of course, each birth, each death, is the first one, always discovered, not rediscovered. like the first words, or the first physical desire. and the world becomes scary, strange and marvelous.