Monday, November 20, 2006

crap! it seems i've lost my dylan image and the html kinda fucked up so my template is all gaga. at least i can't see it but my one line.

and i wouldn't mind being eliot. there are worse fates, such as being joyce kilmer. but if i could be any poet other than myself, well, shit, that is a tuff call. how about something like hartcrane/dante/rimbaud as a start. just off the top of my head. anna asked me what poet i thought she would be. again tuff call. i don't rightly know. i'd have to think about that one.

been thinking of middle-age. i'm 39 which means if a live to 60 then i'm past middle-age, if i live to 100 then i got several years to go still. kinda stupid really since i've felt older than my age for the longest time. when i met anna at the age of 25, she was 23, i felt that i'm getting older and i got to get my act together. now at my current age 25 sounds young.

but we all get older, duh!, and we must die. so i implore you, seriously, if yr older than 50 take care of yrself, and if yr younger than 50 take care of yrself. lately i've had news of acquaintances from up and down the age spectrum that have developed serious health problems, and some that have died from unexpected accidents.

we are here such a short time, so as horace said, carpefuckingdiem!

and as for middle-age, i promise to hold off a mid-life crisis at least until 45. i've been thinking about getting inked again, but that's not quite a mid-life crisis since i have a couple of tats already. and my left ear is piereced, twice. and has been since i was 16, which is the age my brother gnawed into my flesh with a sewing needle and india ink a crappy looking skull on my left ankle.

so no, that doesn't constitute a mid-life crisis. most people around my age i've noticed get harley-davidson bikes and full-on leathers. but that ain't my speed. don't care for the cycles very much. and i feel too young still to go that route.

i used to be skater, a very shitty skater, most people who stood on a skateboard was way better than me. my board was a santa cruz yellow dot that i loved. skate-punk was hand-in-hand with hardcore punk. i still love watching good skaters do their stuff. so i figure 45 is a good age to declare myself middle-aged, and that's when i'm gonna found a skateboard gang of geezers to rip up the streets. why not? i wear still converse chuck taylors, and grey hair never hurt the duct-taped pants look.

so don't be surprised in five years time to find a group of the elderly elbowing out the kids at the local skatepark thumping their motto:

Skate or Die!

and blasting out of their old boombox is the sounds of black flag and the circle jerks.

that would be a sight.


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