Thursday, February 01, 2007

ah labels. how we [me] crave them and reject them all at once. an individual in a crowd of us. an army of me. etc. etc. so what kind of poet is i?

today i read letitia trent's and brian howe's interviews at sean kilpatrick's blog. trent rejects, if i read her correctly, the often stifling binaries we as a society place on sex. men do this, women are like that. i agree. but then what. . .

howe rejects, if i read him correctly, any poetic label, whether it be 'post-avant' or what have you. i agree too. but. . .

loving language as i do i'm in a quandary. i want to be known as a poet. in fact, i love the sound of that noun. but often i use the word writer in its stead, since a poet writes and poetry is written. and poets often write more than poetry, whether that be in fiction, non-fiction, critical work, theory, journals, laundry lists.

you get the idea. therefore, i'm making up my own label thusly:

post-lyric poet -- form of man, but of woman too



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