Sunday, February 25, 2007

i'm a nut for lists, as i've mentioned before, so reading around the blogosphere poets' list of top 10 movies, is as we used to say in the old days, rad. i'm with geof huth who lists one of his favorite films to be the remake of breathless starring richard gere. it's one of my favorites too. esp. powerful is the end when gere starts dancing in the street surrounded by cops as the band x start in on the soundtrack.

the mail yesterday and friday brought with it the latest fhole with terrific texts by kevin thurston, greg evason [who's poems published by dfb brought me to dig evason's work a lot], gustave morin, nico vassilakis, david-baptiste chirot [a fucking great writer visual and textual] and judith copithorne. those are just the highlights for me, the whole of the zine is excellent. check out the links to the right for daniel f. bradley's zine and get yrself a copy.

and robert vandermolen sent along some poems of his from a journal called bald ego, a new mag to me. bob's a singular talent, hardcore poet all the way. seek out his work. now.

also, got a letter from alex gildzen yesterday. alex and i correspond via email so getting a letter from him puzzled me. but when i opened it i found part of a torn photo and an accompanying letter with list of names who also received parts of that same photo. the letter is titled 'pieces of ira joel haber'. the photo is of haber who in a tradition between alex and himself often exchanged these sorts of surprise packages. alex is passing along the pieces now to various friends throughout the country. a lovely and very moving gift of which i have no words to express my thanks.

and today we ran into jim denboer at ikea. without being specific we spoke for a few minutes, hugged a couple of times, and i was nearly brought to tears.

b. and s. and their son j. were over last night. b. and i were looking for punk bands on below is the only video we could find of the bay area band code of honor. the song 'fight or die' is off their 1st album which as far as i know remains long out of print. i saw them a number of times in the early '80s.

shit, maybe i should rename this blog 'tales of a middle-aged punk'. whatever, i'm now gonna watch the bird with crystal plumage, written and directed by dario argento.


At 8:32 PM, Blogger Geof Huth said...


You got it. That ending, which I alluded to in a cockeyed way in my essayette about the film, perfectly ends the film, which ends kinda like "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid"--just before the shooting and dying. Glad I left the film on the list.

I've thought of a hundred other films to add to the list since yesterday, but I've gotta do other stuff. I could write about films for the rest of my life, but I have time for only one life.

Take care, hombre.



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