Wednesday, February 14, 2007

okay, i've switched over. don't seem that bad. perhaps i'll even learn someday to alphabetize my links and post photos of my chaps and shit.

got several cool things in the mail the past couple of days. kevin killian sent me his book argento series, poems based on the films of italian maestro dario argento, and a bucket-load of his and dodie bellamy's zine mirage #4period(ical), a journal similar in format to daniel f. bradley's fhole and lee thorn's fuck! in other words, just my speed. #135 is pretty damn good since it has poems by gina myers and berkeley-based poet richard krech. the most recent issue has poems by thom donovan, an always outstanding poet.

and received dredging for atlantis by eileen tabios a few days ago. it is published by mark young's otoliths press, which is a pod affair. again, just my thing.

and so here are a few poems you should be reading:

here by daniel f. bradley


here by jonathan hayes


here by jill stengel

and with a bit of humility (cuz it's dedicated to me)

here by steve caratzas

finally, do you know kevin thurston? make his acquaintance by reading his blog, now.

peas out


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