Friday, March 16, 2007

alex gildzen has named exactly what has happened here in east sac: pollen superburst. spring done sprung up on us and everything outside: cars, sidewalk, houses etc. etc. is coated in a thick layer of brown/yellow pollen. my allergies [everyone, almost everyone, who lives in the valley has what is termed euphemestically as 'hayfever'] been working at a pitch. i'm all scratchy throat, watery eyes, and am well-equipped with a badatidude that would make richard roundtree as shaft run for cover.

in other news, what are yr favorite words. i mean the sound of them. how they look on the page or screen. i don't mean definitions. i'm talking about sounds, feel, weight, heft as it were.

mine at the moment go like this:



when i was a kid it was:


i still love the sound of that word. there was - is - a tremendous pleasure in rolling it on the tongue.

i know you have favorites so c'mon. fess up.


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