Monday, March 05, 2007

the weekend couldn't be lovelier.

why i live in california:
1 reason is that the weather is early-spring, warm, sunny,
with just a hint of chill in the air. for now at least it is just that.
as i type i have the tv on to the national geographic channel
[watching documentaries on north korea, the rise and fall of saddam hussein,
and private security firms working in iraq]
while the window is open to the cool air
and the sound of running water from our fountain.

tom beckett tagged me with another meme who himself was tagged by jordan stempleman. this one regarding the influence of non-books. those things not placed on the screen or fitted between 2 covers. those are the things that might just matter the most to us as living creatures.

here are a few of mine.

kindly eyes

the middle finger

the light in october in california

the smell of eucalyptus trees


halloween imagery

finely-tuned bullshit detector

loud, distorted electric guitars

cold, abstracted synthesizers

sitting in a theater anticipating the start of the movie

berkeley, california

cities at night

the smell of books

the sound of anna's voice

hot flour tortillas

the tang of excellent salsa

good beer

shit; i could go on and on.
back to you.
i tag kevin thurston, daniel f. bradley,
steve caratzas and cliff duffy.

and you too


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