Monday, April 23, 2007

slogging around still. fuck.

but then anyway, last week in an email logan ryan smith brought up the topic of what a poet should look/dress like. i mentioned to smith a dream i had years ago about me looking like john berryman: bushy, steel-grey beard, thick black framed glasses and my arms all inked. somehow with that dream i knew i was on my way to developing into some kind of poet.

what is the proper dress for a poet? i haven't a clue. look in the mirror, you, and you have yr answer. as for me, if i grew a beard it'd be pretty grey, i do have black framed glasses and i wouldn't mind a couple more tats on me arms. i also would like a silver hoop for my ear and a couple of sportcoats. why not, indeed.

speaking of poetry and life, the life in poetry, check out this poem by martin stannard.


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