Monday, May 14, 2007

anna and i were looking at vintage tv commercials from the 1970s at this evening. there are a shitload of them. and several took me down the road of wistfulness, nostalgia and feeling damn old. what strikes me is how all those old commercials were recorded in the 1st place then posted on the net.

perhaps that is our collective consciousness write in small lightning. in other words, we all grew up on television. other than the internet there has never been arguably a more powerful medium. and of course it shapes and colors a vision of reality. i do think that tv is a form of art. often base perhaps, lowest common denominator, but art just the same. and commercials are perhaps the wackiest forms of art ever devised. advertising as art is not new, recall henri de toulouse-lautrec more famous works are posters for the popular entertainments of the time.

wow; what a long strange trip it's been.

please go to bob marcacci's blog where he introduces his new-born son vito sante marcacci. praise to the new-borns who i hope will make ours a better, healthier planet. it's their world, we are just borrowing it for the moment.

and check out french/anglo poets cliff duffy's and tomas sidoli's mutual blog mutual machine book. their individual work complements and augments each other. in other words, they are doing fantastic stuff.


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