Wednesday, May 09, 2007

i'm working on a collaborative chap with sf poet jonathan hayes. nearly done and hopefully we should have the book out maybe by midsummer, given time and finances and all that. now that my end of the book is starting to look like a book - hayes finished his portion months ago - to me i'm starting to get all goo-goo eyed over it.

hayes is a poet whose work that straddles a line between small-press writing [such as d.a. levy and bukowski] married to more experimental strains of composition. should you google him you'll find his poems everywhere and in almost every type of publication. he is an astonishingly varied and fecund poet, and a good friend. i've no idea why i'm writing this about him at this moment, except that both he and i are like hermits in a way. i rarely go to readings now, but that doesn't mean i don't keep up with what is going on around town. but rather, i work on my poems, blog, and correspond often late at night when anna and nicholas have bed down for the night. i think hayes's habits are very similar.

anyway, was gonna write about how i delaminate by reading movie books, zines and all-sorts of stuff when i get too stressed about work, life and poems. there are things, if we are lucky, that can make us breathe deep fresh air when the shit hitteth the fan, so to speak. movies are just that thing for me.

instead i wrote a little about my friendship with poet and fellow traveler jonathan hayes. it's been a warm day. walk home was sweaty. kitchen is done and the dishwasher, our first ever, is whirring away. time for ice cream.


At 8:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

For the sake of Jon's vanity I thought I would post a comment saying your right on about him.

-Anonymous Priluck


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