Wednesday, May 02, 2007

feel well enough to go to work today. spent the day in bed reading a little and watching a shitload of exploitation movie trailers at it seems 15 people downloaded my book from not bad i guess considering that most regularly readers there probably don't know who the fuck i am. anyway, gonna start sending it out just for the hell of it.

gotta run. and it's raining here, hard. means i must take my umbrella.


on 2nd thought gonna stay at home 1 more day. the rain is making a lovely sound. my head is stuffed up, still have a hackingcough and my nose is leaking more fluid than a 1972 chevy nova.

not used to staying home when i feel a bit rough, but a sure thing being the father of a 2-year-old taught me is that 1 needs to envelope the whole self in all endeavours and states of being. in other words, sometimes i need to relearn that i must stop myself from attempting to orchestrate the tasks in daily living, which is a main source of stress, and simply be.