Friday, January 04, 2008

it's a day that demands we do nothing but cozy up in our abode while the storms rattle the house and pelts us with rain. very, very windy and very, very wet. i love it. we've taken the day off and the only reason i got dressed was to go out and clear the street of debris, leaves and fallen branches. i got soaked. it's a big, big storm. i'm writing this entry again because i lost it as i was about to publish and the power went out, thus losing my connection.

even so, just received by copies of kevin killian's and dodie bellamy's mirage #4/period(ical) #146 where my sonnet sequence about filmmaker/novelist ed wood jr sit next to poems by landis everson and elizabeth hatmaker. this doesn't just make me happy. it gives me a high high.

and but wrote a draft of a poem, watched a few movie clips at youtube and reading venus ill-treated by the odd ones / envoi by the late italian poet dario villa and translated by duncan mcnaughton.

finally check out this reading by seattle poet mickey o'connor at the subtext reading series last summer.


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