Sunday, February 17, 2008

anna and i both caught nicholas's cold. so we are both holed up with our respective blankies and i'm feeling like a fat, fat pig cuz i just tried to eat a big honking piece of cherry pie that i shouldn't have. oh god, it hurts!

ernesto tagged me but instead of listing the books i'm reading, which i just did a few posts back, i'll begin with a short list of blogs i've been returning the past few week to that i've not linked. and i'll make the list with the name of the blogger rather than the name of the blog, okay.


ryan daley

rodney koeneke

reb livingston

francois luong

chris piuma

claire becker

chris tonelli

magdalena zurawski/kathryn l. pringle

tyler carter

catalin kaser

cds i'm currently obsessed with

neon bible by the arcade fire

10 years by armin van buuren

drukqs by aphex twin

damaged by black flag

split by lush

dvds in my collection that i've yet to watch


big doll house

the libertine

incident at loch ness

gone in 60 seconds ['70s original]

survival of the dragon

amityville horror 4 - the evil escapes

sleepy hollow high


mishima - a life in 4 chapters

[keep in mind most of these films i've seen before many, many times. some were simply cheepies found in bargain bins.]


[okay, i watch tv. probably a lot, but sure as hell not a whole lot. i don't have favorite tv shows. at least nothing that gets me to set my watch so i can see them. but if i'm around the tv when the following shows are broadcast, then hell yes, i'll say these are my faves.]

ufo files

anthony bourdain: no reservations

london ink [when it was on. it is no longer broadcast.]


wire in the blood [when it is broadcast on bbcamerica. and i will set my watch to this show. it is bar none one of the very best crime dramas on television.]

* * *

there you have it. consider yourself tagged.


At 4:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks for playing, mate!

(lush rules, btw)


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