Wednesday, February 13, 2008

this just in from richard hansen

Raul Salinas passed away last night...

"Words, sounds, speech, men, memory, thought, fears and emotions, -time - all related...all made from one..all made in one" - JohnColtrane

Elder statesmen, Xicanindio leader, poet of the people, giver of hopeto the oppressed and incarcerated, Raul Salinas passed away last nightin Austin, Tejaztlan.

Raul will be greatly missed. His work, poetry, and philosophy will live on in the good works of poets, artists, musicians and culturalcentros throughout America. His spirit we lead us all and help us tosurvive and thrive in difficult times.

His words/poems should serve as maps for us all in our quest to keepculture, heritage and tradition alive in our barrios, cul de sacs, suburbs, ranchos...wherever you/we live.

Thank you, Raul. You have blessed us all.

Manuel Diosdado Castillo, Jr.San Anto Cultural Arts

an obit can be found here.


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