Thursday, February 07, 2008

because i like to read other poet-bloggers' reading lists
i'm gonna do the same
so here's a short of list of books
and one cd i've been imbibing lately

damn the caesars vol. iii ed. by richard owens - with work by bill griffiths, thom donovan, dale smith, rachel levitsky and a host of others

expensive magic by cedar sigo - poems

writing down the days by martin stannard - poems

conversations with myself by martin stannard -reviews and notes

nemesis by lew daly - poems

the sense record by jennifer moxley - poems

prau by jean vengua - poems

no other way by charles north - essays and reviews

kevin is running late today but will be in by kevin thurston - cd

beyond terror: the films of lucio fulci by stephen thrower - criticism

7 tattoos by peter trachtenberg - memoir

speaking of tattoos you know how much i like ink
so lately i've been grooving on the work of french artist
yann black who has a style that is reminiscent of
the visual style of the film the nightmare before christmas
but there is something about black's delicate drafting
in black line even if the images are grotesque and simply drawn

see for yourself right here


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