Wednesday, January 30, 2008

everything, everything

maybe the best lives happen when our hearts stop

cold still or beat up control so that the heart can stroke

up & not stroke out & when i asked a friend when is

middle age she replied it is when you hit your 60s &

maybe she's right most of us will live pretty long lives still

why stay young anyway when i'm shaken and surprised to

read tonight in the paper that MADONNA as in THE MATERIAL GIRL

will be 50 this august 2008 which is as you know just the dawn of

our 21st century it has a long way to go what is to be discovered

what developments & love & horrors await us that time is not a threshold

or a current but a permanent stasis it seems so still that only our

perceptions are moving even as flesh age the mind is like that rough

bright spot on your jeans a stain on the fabric of space & time which

used to fit so well and made this boy stroke up in heat & light

when i bought the MADONNA issue of playboy magazine circa 1985



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