Sunday, January 27, 2008

without boring the shit out of everybody let me just say that the past week has been a test of stress management. so then anyway driving around yesterday doing a few chores with the radio on a band called wolfmother has this song that reminds me a lot of classic rock, you know like led zeppelin, the who, creedance clearwater revival, but the band is pretty good and hardrocking. i crank the beast up to 11 and somehow the stress for a moment lifts.

and in other news the newest listenlight just went live with poems by phil primeau, francis raven, kara dorris, mackenzie carignan, christopher mulrooney, angela papala, craig perez, william harris and richard lopez.

dig it


At 5:15 AM, Blogger W.B. Keckler said...

Hi Richard,

I liked the Listenlight poems.

Does that name come from a Celan poem. Maybe I am 'lucinatin'.

You made me snorkle my sweet tea, though, with the second one.

Now I will have happy thoughts all day of a peroxided Christian Slater and hear the little quwarl quwarl of skateboard wheels.

The only thing better is the Legend of Billie Jean.


At 10:12 PM, Blogger richard lopez said...

bill, you made me tinkle in my twinkle! legend of billie jean, wasn't that with helen slater too? oh another slater flick, my favorite, is pump up the volume with the luminous samantha mathis. we just watched mathis in some chick flick tear-jerker on the hallmark channel this weekend. she is still luminous.


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