Wednesday, January 09, 2008

just finished watching sunshine, a movie i've been waiting to see on dvd since i first seen the film last july. a few stray thoughts before bedtime. the film holds up better than i expected. there are some gaps in the story but it never gets in the way of the storytelling. certain motifs, such as 'we are made of stardust', work better than i remember, and the photography, editing and score are fantastic. if you can get past the seeming unbelievability of a gorgeous crew - cillian murphy is particularly pretty, there is no other word to describe him - sent out to save the solar system, or even the soft science of the sun flickering out like an old light bulb, you'll find a very good movie.

as for my previous post, i've had that rem song looped in my noggin for several days. it seems apropo to my anger about the whole stupid, and very silly, process of candidates campaigning for what might be the worst job in the world. at least in my definition. therefore, any person who seeks public office and willingly go thru such travails and lies, both by enduring and telling them, must be suspect because such a person wants power so badly. as for the end of the world, well, when is it not ending. and yes, i feel fine about that just the same.

peace and love, suckas
cuz in the end the love
you take is equal
to the love you make


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