Thursday, January 31, 2008

stop making sense

clicking thru the host of u.k. journals collected here today i find the work of scots, irish and welsh gaelic poet rody gorman. i want to say something about how marginal languages and poetry [for many a marginal art] seem to cohere sometimes. that gorman is an interesting poet based on the 2 pieces i read today here and there where he mashes gaelic and english together as both languages translates into a new form of poetry. and that translation might be one of the essences of poetry. for we are always trying to convey some sense or fragment of thought by that most slippery of appliances: words. so gorman writes his works in english and gaelic and translates simultaneously, and i'm sure there is something i mean to say, but can only point out the obvious that poetry is marginal for some, but for the rest of us the source and nourishment for our lives and that translation, whether in fact or deed, is primary to poetry. an interview with gorman is found here.


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