Monday, March 10, 2008

goddam it feels like 10:30 pm rather than 11:30 pm. i hate daylight savings time. we don't get that hr back for 8 months. 8 long, hot, really hot, months! fuck!

but why be in a pissy mood. just read the newest fhole 15 with text poems by buck downs, greg evason, kevin thurston, among others, and kick-ass vispo by reed altemus, david-baptiste chirot and one of sean bonney's baudelaire translations, among others. a solid, great read thru out and one of the best zines period.

and i just finished watching 30 days of night and loved it, again.

also galatea resurrects #9 is live and huge. it is an essential poetry review publication.

that's it. have a good night.


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