Friday, March 14, 2008

it is rare that a movie in production gets me all hopped up. i don't read many hollywood insider sites or newsmagazines. i prefer to learn what movie is opening soon, or what movie is being released to disc. sure i've been known to go ga ga over movies soon as i hear the rumor of pre-production. but i've been burned. i remember for a full year i'd log on to star wars websites loading up on every little detail posted about the phantom menace online. and the sites were for the most part very accurate in their stories and pics. when the movie itself opened i was the first in line. thus i remained faithful in my geekdom. and i was massively disappointed. george lucas shouldn't have bothered. the movie sucked. tho i read movie, esp. genre, websites regularly those sites usually focus on the movies as finished products, and not films not yet in existence.

but what am i saying? of course i'm a geek for movies and i do get all amped when i hear of a killer film on its way into the theaters and on disc. what i mean is that only a very few films gets me heated up as i wait for them to become finished works when i can at last recline in that pleasurable darkness of the theater and becomes absorbed by what is onscreen.

today, as a lark, i looked up cormac mccarthy's novel the road at imdb and find that the adaptation is in the midst of filming as i write this. and i'm freaking stoked. viggo mortensen is to play the role of the father while charlize theron portrays in flashbacks his wife. i'm not familiar with the director john hillcoat but mortensen is an extremely gifted and rugged actor who i think is well-cast as a man who is trying to keep himself and his child alive in a dead world.

the novel is already so cinematic that i'm curious how hillcoat will translate it to screen. good books don't always make good movies. sometimes they do. i just hope when the movie is in post-production that that the filmmaker will have achieved a film worthy of the bleak beauty of the book.

already a blogger is devoting time and resources into posting news of the production of the film. you can check it out here. she is apparently a free agent so to speak and is not affiliated with the production team and had posted photos of the movie sets recently but had been asked by the film crew to please take them down. you can find a cached portion of the blog with the photos blacked-out here. as the movie gets nearer to completion i'm sure there will be more photos leaked. as for me, i can't wait to watch the teaser trailer for the first time. and not for the first time for a particular movie will i watch it over and over again until finally the full-length trailer is released and then the film is in theaters. these processes always seem to take forever and when the time is over it seems that no time at all passed between. yes, life is just like that, it is so sudden like the duration of a piece of cinema. and i can't wait.


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