Tuesday, April 15, 2008

what's the story morning glory

i've no idea. i'm not right. whatever i've caught is sticking like gum to the hair on a hot summer day. strange thing is that i don't have a stuffed up head, no headaches, very little sneezing, and no coughing. what i do have is a constant case of vertigo, no energy by which i mean absolutely none, the walks to and from work are not unbearable but i am winded at the end and can barely move once i sit down, lo-grade fevers which usually are more prevalent at night, and no appetite. i can eat when i remind myself to do so.

rather than give a litany of ills i know a man in his early 40s must remain vigilant. diabetes, heart disease, cancers and ill-humor are just a few of illnesses a person can develop. i don't think it's any of those, tho i do worry about developing ill-humor, but i promised anna that i'd make an apt. with the dr if my symptoms persist by the end of the week. being the manly-man that i am i'd have to be bleeding from the eyes, nose, mouth and anus before i'd even consider calling the dr. i've promised anna that i'd shuck my manly-man masculinity to reveal the girly-man beneath. so i'll call should i not feel better. all this week and last week i've been going to bed early. i can sleep, easily, but my dreams are hyper-real. when i wake up i can recall just a few tableaux. that's kind of fun. let's see what tonight's dreams may come.


At 6:47 AM, Blogger AlexG said...

you have Wooditis. it's a disease common to cinemaddicts. a doc will merely tell you to upgrade to Bergman but I've found that too much of the Swede breeds severe melancholia. try the baddest movie you can find & call me in the morning.

At 6:58 PM, Blogger Catalin said...

I can't believe you're still going to work! I can't stand vertigo (pun acknowledged but not premeditated).

I think anti-asking-for-help machismo is silly. I'm glad Anna has convinced you to go to the dr.

I hope you feel better soon or at least find out what it is that ails you (why is it so much better to be able to name it, even if there's still nothing you can do about it?)

Take care,


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